Rifle Hunts for Black Bear

Black Bear

Many of our Bait Stations are geared for the rifle hunter in mind with ranges set up from 20 to 70 yards. Ladder stands are 15 feet in height and always placed downwind of the bait station to minimize the chances of the Bear winding your scent. We highly recommend keeping your hunting clothes in a scent free container away from other items to maintain as scent free as possible while in your stand. Changing into your hunting clothes just prior to accessing your stand and applying scent shield are two more tactics that can put the odds in your favour to harvest a Trophy Black Bear. While a Black Bears nose is it's strongest asset, hunters also must not underestimate the Black Bear's sight and hearing ability. You will greatly increase your odds of tagging a nice trophy by minimizing your movement and noise while hunting in your stand." Be patient and let the Bear present you with a good clean shot."

Gun Specifications

For rifle hunting Black Bear we recommend nothing less than a 270 Winchester.

Other recommended Calibers

· 7 mm Remington Magnum
· .308 Winchester
· .30-06 Springfield
· 12 Guage Slug Gun

Not Allowed

A rim-fire rifle, a shotgun smaller than 20 guage when loaded with shot or any shotgun loaded shot smaller than SG or No 1 buck cannot be used for hunting black bear

Hunter Orange

All rifle hunters while hunting black bear are required to wear hunter orange except when in your tree stand. A hunter orange garment and head cover must be worn with the garment covering a minimum of 400 square inches above the waist.